Have fast, structured
conversations about risk.

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Too few of us have good
conversations about risk.

It's hard to to talk with the business about seemingly abstract risks in a repeatable and succinct fashion. Binary Risk Analysis (BRA) helps standardize your risk conversations.

BRA is a short series of simple questions that help you discuss a risk in a structured manner.

BRA is designed with three key features in mind:


1 - Fast

BRA can be taught, learned and completed in 5 minutes. It was designed to be accessible to anyone, not requiring expert knowledge to use. Even a computer is optional when using BRA.


2 - Transparent

High, medium and low are subjective terms for describing impact and likelihood; BRA brings structure to the risk conversation so that subjectivity is isolated allowing for consistency.


3 - Compatible

No ontology wars required to convince colleagues to abandon their risk language. Results from BRA produces are compatible with methods other departments in your organization will use.

The tools

Binary Risk Analysis is available as both a paper based work card and an HTML5 app.


The Work Card

Print, use (instructions included, no batteries required) and share under the Creative Commons license.

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The App

The Binary Risk Analysis app is designed for browsers on tablets, PCs and Macs; licensed under GPL v3.


Learn more about the origins of Binary Risk Analysis.


The Paper

An early version of BRA is explained in the paper. While there are differences between the early version and the current version, the core methodology still applies.


The Presentation

BRA was announced at SECTOR 2011, read the presentation.


Binary Risk Analysis is openly licensed so that you can use it free of charge, modify it as you see fit and share with others.


Creative Commons

The Binary Risk Analysis methodology, including the documentation and the work card, is licensed under the Creative Commons' Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 license.



The Binary Risk Analysis app is licensed under the GNU GPL v3.

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